Do's and Don'ts


Do's :-

1 – Please pay the bills in time, and help us to provide good services.

2 – Always use ISI mark, GI pipes and fittings.

3 – All plumbing works shall be done by plumbers registered in the department.

4 – Inform the department in case of any leakage and blockage of pipe lines.

5 – Change the old rusted/damaged pipes.

6 – Clean the storage tanks regularly and repaoir the overflow.

7 – Store the water in the storage tank at ground floor and then pump.

8 – Every drop of water is precious, save it.

9 – Joints of sewer lines should be watertight.

10 – Make arrangement of rain water harvesting in your building/campus.

11 – Please save ground water for future generations.


Don'ts :-

1- Do not connect tullu pump to deparmantal lines.

2- Do not use drinking water kitchen gardnening,irrigation and car washing.

3- Water pipe line shall not be in the vicinity of sewer line or manhole.

4- Do not drink non potable water.

5- Do not throw plastic, paper and clay etc in the sewer line.